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Fridge freezing food in Produce Bins—— grrr

last month
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For too long our refrigerator has been freezing food that we put in the produce bins.


GE 20.2 Cu Ft Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


I think it might be about 10 years old. DH has these files in his ”office” (paper pile)

The fridge in too small for our needs, but we try to give the items in it plenty of space so that the air can circulate. If food it too close (within 5 inches, and it's a small fridge) to the back wall, it can freeze.

The manual does not depict any ”coils” nor does it in stuct us to clean any.

We have adjusted the thermostat of the fridge to ”warmer”. We have vacuumed under and behind it (there are no coils exposed). We have moved it further from the wall. We have cleaned it. My DH is pokey on this — it has been months. The fridge is too small (but we are limited in the size that the non cook batchelor builder created for it. grrrr.

Right now, and for the past 4 months or more, I have only been able to store seeds, nuts and grains in the two dinky small produce bins. The temperature in those bins varries between 33 deg and 37 deg F. It makes MOOSH of salad green, zucchini, apples, carrots.

I have lloked on YouTube and one fellow had a theoretical remedy of replacing the cold air outlet GASKET. But apparently, afterer doing do, his GE fridge still froze produce.

Some commenters suggested the problem might be w the compressor.

That sounds like an expensive thing to replace.

I am the chief cook and bottle washer w a few handicaps. My DH is S-L-O-W to even get started.

I can call an appliance repair person, but we are a tad off the beaten trail and just his/her showing up will start at $50— More if he tinkers.

I am about ready to take a Saws-All to the cupboards above the shrimpy fridge alcove to make room for a larger fridge.

I may put a craigslist add up offering all the good stuff in the large freezer to anyone who will come get this malfunctioning one.

I am limping by with storing lettuce on the door, using another fridge in cellar (very inconvenient), or only eating cooking frozen stuff and what I can put mid-shelf in this shrimpy fridge.

I may need to order some ”diet pills” to get my DH moving. Or, just work around him and either buy new fridge or try to play repair roulette.

So, question: Anyone know a sure fix?Anyone ever replace a compressor?

Does cartoon dynamite work to enlarge a refrigerator alcove that a bachelor, non-cook builder constructed?

Sorry this is long. The fridge works, sorta, except I cannot use the produce bins for veggies and have to leave a lot of space in fridge foer air to flow easily. And, the fridge (and alcove) is too small for us to begin with.

I guess a can opener and snowbank are my work-arounds.


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