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Floating Shelves vs. Another Upper

Erica Levine
last month

Hi all! About to finalize our kitchen reno design and I need to decide ASAP if I'm keeping my original idea of floating shelves above beverage fridge or switching to more uppers. I thought it would be a good idea to have floating shelves to help transition to the dining area. Meaning, continuing the uppers could feel too "kitchen-y" since it's getting very close to the dining area. The shelves are going to be same color as the wood floors. I'm questioning my decision because I'm a bit nervous about clutter. These will be functional shelves, not decorative. Will house mugs (all matching) and various coffee items (in coordinating vessels). But who am I kidding? Will we ever be able to keep these shelves looking magazine ready and tidy?? That's why I'm considering an upper instead- maybe with some glass so it feels more like a hutch than just regular cabinets. Thoughts?? (The counter above will house coffee maker.)

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