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Chantilly Lace on cabinets, trim, and windows? (WHY is this so hard?)

last month

Been fussing over "which white" paint for years (okay, decades). Have many samples and read more online advice than the average nutball. Perhaps I need to hire one of the many online e-designers, but I'm out of time. One of the painters came to color consult but didn't offer much conviction.

Quest started with wanting to match our aged, inset plantation shutters. They are a PIA to clean, block light, and $$$$ to repaint. Now have all new windows with fixed mullions inside/out and ditching shutters. Window interiors, including fixed mullions need on-site painting (because I was too dumb to settle for the brand's factory-painted "white").

Painter begging me to select from three remaining--BM's Chantilly Lace, Simply White, and White Dove.

Seems like Chantilly Lace is the "easiest" choice since we don't know new wall color(s). Want no undertone fights, but once windows are painted, it seems THAT is "the" color for the rest of the woodwork and cabinets. Love White Dove and Simply White--look great online--but kitchen faces west which makes those look, respectively, dingy or too yellow in strong afternoon light. While I think they make great cabinet colors, I don't know if they will be great for ALL trim/windows. (Does this prove my decision is self-made, but I lack confidence?)

Doing a first-floor reno on our Traditional 1993 (modest) home: mudroom, kitchen, fireplace sitting room with (white) perimeter cabinets to-the-ceiling, bookcases, & new fireplace with painted mantel. Painting all crown/base moulding & stair spindles same. Red Oak, medium brown site-stained hardwood floors, dark slate tile flooring in mudroom & sunroom, black soapstone counters, & light walnut islands. Perimeter cabinets will be "a" or "the" white (likely). Backsplash undecided--either tile to match cabinets, or short/medium soapstone splash with tile or painted wood matched to the cabinets.

*****If you speed-readers skipped the novel, please help END MY STRUGGLE:

If Chantilly Lace is the safest choice (Is it?) for windows is it TOO DARN white for the cabinets in a west-facing kitchen with three windows (1 over sink & 3 bowed around nook)? Can't afford to paint windows Chantilly Lace and then regret that a different color was best for cabinets and should have been the window/trim color, too.*****

Love the trending "English" kitchens with soapstone and shades of green or soft beige/greige cabinets, but I want a flexible, "happy" color that's even more timeless, despite how cool those look. Meanwhile, the windows needed painting--yesterday. Samples linked. Thanks for advice.

Chantilly Lace with White Counters (I'm doing black.)

Chantilly Lace Cabinets with Black Counters (slab cabinets--mine will be inset Shaker)

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