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Help! Vent size/hood for F&P induction range?

last month

We are looking at the 36" Fisher & Paykel Induction Range. The sales folks at the appliance store really haven't been able to speak to what induction needs vs. gas. In my own research, I've seen that of course since there is no gas/fumes with an induction - the CFM requirement is not as high. But, there is still the smells to deal with.

I'm can do a 600 CFM Vent-a-hood which actually ends up giving me the capacity of 900 CFMs. I think this is overkill. Or, I can do a 300 that gives me the equivalent of 450 CFM. I think this should be fine.

The specifcations on the F&P say 2600W for the center - it doesn't specify each burner. But let's say its 2600 for each one, that's 13,000 BTU equivalent - and 350-400 should be fine.

Can anyone confirm this based on their experience with an induction range/cooktop?


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