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OT - update from rainy California...

last month

Well, another rain storm came in during the night - we actually got a 3 day break from the rain this week - lovely sunny days. I went on several bike rides and walks. Also spread more plant food on the roses - I am getting lazy about the 1-2 rainstorms we get each week now, and don't "water it in", as Mother Nature is doing that. This storm was predicted, and is supposed to last for at least 2, and maybe 3 days without stopping, and they said it will drop at least 10 feet of snow in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains.

Of course, everyone around here who skis (not me) is going up to the mountains (about 3-5 hours driving from here, depending on where you live/are headed for) every weekend. The weatherman said on TV last evening "if you have not left for the mountains yet, DO NOT GO" - he thought the two main highways to go up there from here may be closed by this storm. We are staying home and cosy.

The garden is getting ready to explode - every day when I walked around, more and different things were starting to bloom. So exciting. Sometimes good old Mother Nature makes lovely groupings of blooms which I had nothing to do with - yesterday one area had added a large amount of light blue forget-me-nots to its already luscious bloom of yellow oxalis. Stunning. They both just show up in the Spring - as does light and dark pink (and if I am lucky, white) Valerian (Jupiters beard). I call them wild flowers, although I think the Valerian is a really naturalized import from the Mediterranean area.

Of course, our long, warm/hot and totally dry summer is coming, but at least this winter the large trees and bushes are getting a good amount of water to sustain them. I am enjoying all of this rain while I can.


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