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How to update these recessed 80s cabinets?

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Has anyone seen this type of recessed cabinets? I have searched over and over for other cabinets like these to see if there was a (simple) way to extend the bottom part of the cupboard so it's flush with the drawers, but my searches come up with nothing. Either I don't know what to search for or there aren't many cabinets that exist like this. It feels like changing out the door fronts (like I'd really like to do) would be a waste of money because the recessed part dates it so much. This is a pic of the bathroom and eventually we'll replace the vanity, but it's also like this in the kitchen, which is my main concern. Is there anyone out there that has had cabinets like this an successfully revised them? I'm wondering if it would work to add on a couple of inches to the framework. But maybe that's more work than it's worth?

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