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Need help deciding artificial turf by K9 Forever Lawn or Grass365

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I live in Rhode Island. I’m looking to have artificial grass installed in my backyard. I have 2 large Afghan Hounds that have concrete nails. They chase each other, making sharp turns. My grass is all ripped up and currently my backyard is mostly mud. I’m looking into Grass365 NE and K9 Grass by Forever Lawn. Grass 365 uses infill and nails. Has a water permeability 1000+ inch per hour. K9 Grass does not use infill and uses staples. Has a water permeability 2000-3000 inch per hour. I have a wall around my property that has drainage pipes. I have never had a flood or drainage issue. Has anyone ever used one of these companies? Negative or positive opinions? Drainage issues? Photos?

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