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master bathroom in the loft

Robert Byrd
last month

I live in a geodesic dome, I’ve beenvv bc working on it since I inherited but made a promise not to start the upstairs remodel till I’m done downstairs (I know it’s backwards but there is a priority list and that space has been the last on the todo) well I’m getting to that point where I should start planning things out do that it’s a bit more functional and flow better with the house… here’s the backstory and issues:
-It’s placed on the opposite side of the house from the rest of the plumbing is… over the bedroom in the angles of the dome

  • it has a huge walk-in closet that is wasted space
    -toilet and tub are placed under very tight/sharp angled ceilings
  • it’s a galley type bathroom… vanity on one side toilet and tub on the other and walk-in closet at the rear side.
    I would LOVE to move it to the other side of the loft where the balcony & gable is at that I don’t use at all which is over the kitchen not worried about the plumbing stacks the only one needed is the toilet and the rest drains into the grey water system… ideas? Opinions? Really want to turn it into one giant shower lol
Should I move it? Would be more water efficient for the rest of the house

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