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Glass Cabinet LED lighting

Sarat Vemuri
last month

Hello all,

In the middle of a kitchen remodel. I have 10' ceilings and my wall cabinets go all the way to the top (60" with top 18" being glass). I've ran the appropriate wiring for both undercabinet and top in cabinet lights with the intention of using Inspired LED COB strips. I've just realized that my cabinets are "Frameless" and hence I can't "hide" the strips in the glass cabinets. I was going to run the stip in a inverted U shape in the front of the cabinet as suggested by Inspired. With frameless, am I stuck using a puck in the top center or are they any other creative ideas?

While I am asking questions, what brand of recessed/wafer ceiling lights do you recommend and from where? There are cheap Amico on Amazon and ther is 5-10 times more expensive ones on with brand names such as RAB, Lotus, Sylvania etc.

Thanks in advance for any help


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