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I need help with deck replacement and backyard patio design

Kristen Hallock
last month
last modified: last month

Ok, I am having my back deck replaced and I am going to make it slightly larger. Its currently 15'x12' with the 15' being the side that is up against the house. It comes out from the house 12'. I am hoping to make that about 18'. So it would probably come out past the end of the current steps another 1-2'. So new deck size would be 15'x18'.

The deck is attached to a screened-in porch which is remaining as-is. The porch is in decent shape, and I dont have the budget to replace that right now. The new deck will be Trex.

I need help with the stairs and how those should be, and I would like a patio. I'm not sure if the stairs should be in the same location, made larger? I would kind of like the stairs to be more spacious...but I'm not sure exactly. I also thought of turning the stairs 90 degrees so that they come off the deck and in front of the screen porch? Like where the raised beds are in the photo, but obviously, i would have to get rid of those. I'm on the fence about this idea though.

On the deck I only have a table/chairs. The patio I would just like to have a few adirondack chairs and maybe a small firepit like a Solo Stove or something. I keep my gas grill on the screened in porch so I can grill year round.

I'm a single mom and my 2 teens arent great to bounce landscaping ideas off of. So please help me!

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