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Quartzite fissure

last month

To answer questions I’ve seen asked -

No, I was not told about the fissure and no, I did not know it was even a thing. I was told about an issue with the granite remnant I had initially selected (and rejected because of it). I was told quartzite is stronger / more durable than man made. So, I feel a little mislead but that is irrelevant to the issue at hand. Shame on me for inadequate research.

I imagine the fabricator had a good reason to position the remnant such that the faucet hole had to be drilled through the middle of a fissure. In any case, this is all the way through the stone. There is a mesh backing in place and the fabricator did a seal of some kind but I still feel the crack with my nail.

What is the proper way to address this? How do I reassure myself the seal is done correctly? Should I be concerned about the crack going all the way through or weakness in the drilled area or anything similar?

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