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Do you insulate an attic with a gable roof and open soffits?

last month

Hi, we have a house with a gable roof (several, combined) and soffits for ventilation in New Jersey. There is a HVAC unit in the basement to power the first floor and a second HVAC unit in the attic that powers the second floor. The attic has insulation in the floors between the attic and second floor, but there is no insulation along the roof. There are soffits which create some sort of ventilation, but I think that just makes the attic really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter, which is exactly the worst thing for the HVAC to work against. Is there some sort of better design for this? Should I put some insulation up on the attic roof? Or leave it all as-is? Changing the HVAC locations is not going to be an option. Thanks

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