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Total width opening of 33" vs 36" Lazy Susan.

last month

We are almost ready to purchase our new cabinets, but I'm debating between the 33" easy reach lazy susan or the 36" easy reach. I would love to do the 33" mainly because I would love to get a 3" larger drawer cabinet to go beside it, but I want to use the easy reach to store some bigger items I don't use all the time, such as a punch bowl, cake plate, crock pot, bread maker, etc. I know my instapot is around 8-9" tall without the lid, so I could turn it sideways to get it in if need be, but my bread maker is slightly over 11" wide and I just wasn't sure if it would fit (in EITHER of them.) Does anyone have a 33" (with approx. 9" bifold doors) or the 36" (with approx. 12" doors) that could tell me the interior cabinet opening width? Everything I'm finding on line only gives the dimensions of the doors, but not the diagonal opening width. Need the dimensions of where the arrows are pointing. Can someone please measure theirs and tell me how large it is for the size you have?

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