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I’ve Been Influenced!

last month

And now have a new entry rug, thanks to Mtn, who provided an etsy link to the source of her new rug. It arrived last night and is almost laying flat already. I love the shape, the color, the thin white stripe, the weave and —most of all—the scalloped edge. Everyone who has come here since it arrived yesterday afternoon has noticed it: my mother, the cleaning ladies, and the dog groomer! It is fresh and pretty and plays nicely with the other rugs and furnishings.

(The eagle eyes among you may notice that the urn with roses is back on top of the middle cabinet in the sitting room. It’s there temporarily while Big Foo is doing centerpiece duty on the dining room table. Also, the pictures on the top on both sides of the cabinet need to be lowered …I forgot to do it until I saw the photo!)

Thank you, Mtn!

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