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White tile goes grey/moisture ridden after install

last month

We had our kitchen backsplash installed a week ago, and we're very bummed to see that something has happened with the tile (White ceramic tile from MSI). A weird discoloration has happened and no one seems to have answers for what went wrong. We inspected the tile before it was installed and they looked consistent. White thinset was used. We have an image of the tile before it was grouted, and it looks fine. We've been told by GC and installers that they've never seen this happen before. No one has answers. Is it moisture? Is it something else? It hasn't dried out in over a week. :(

Before grout, tile looks white.

After grout, lots of splotches and dark areas.

After grout. It's not shadows, you can see from every angle.

This didn't happen to the entire kitchen, just this one area behind the stove.

Thanks for any advice.

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