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Best way to apply varnish so it's smooth with no bubbles? Sprayer, or?

Jeff Smith
last month

We're building a new house and I'm going to finish the knotty alder interior trim myself (because the shop wants an absurd price to finish the wood). So there's a couple of thousand linear feet of knotty alder boards for window, door and baseboard trim that needs finishing. The varnish should match the knotty alder solid doors from the shop (they are finished the doors). The varnish is matte and not shiny on the doors so I want the trim to match and also not to be bubbly or blotchy.

Would a specialized varnish sprayer be best, or brushes or roller, or? I've used brushes and rollers before with water-based varnish with some success but want to make sure the varnish is applied smoothly and with the highest quality. Never used a varnish sprayer. Attached is a sample door plus the trim around the doors, FYI.

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