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The Tortoise and the Hare, minus the Hare and plus another tortoise

last month
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@jojoco likes to tease me about my tortoise obsession, but I have decided to lean into it.

First it was tortoise coasters. Then, and for this I must blame @Funkyart, I *had* to buy two more pairs of tortoise hoops from Machete, brining my tortoise earring inventory to 7 pairs.*

Then I was at Bloomies and saw this from Theory! Must have tortoise sweater! The tortoise pants (background) not so much.

* Mainly because my DDs nag me about only wearing tortoise hoops, I resolved to start wearing my fine jewelry earrings. But I tried it a few days, and I found they felt too heavy on my ears (tortoise ---plastic really --- weighs nothing) and most of them have clips in addition to posts so they can't be lost. The clips felt too "tight" and hurt my ears. Anyone had earrings adjusted?

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