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Bona classic seal vs Bona “New” Clear Seal

last month

We just installed 2 I/4” white oak common #I

We are looking at the Bona classic seal. We have learned from Bona that they will be discontinuing the classic seal and just recently came out with the clear seal. (Nov 2023) Has anyone used or sampled the Bona clear seal? If so, what are your thoughts. Does it give the same type of coloring as the Classic?

Weare restoring an early I900’s house. It is a shotgun house so there will definetly be a path that most people will walk throughout the house. Should we decide to go with Traffic HD satin finish will the sheen wear off over time and give noticeable difference to the path less traveled? Which finish do you prefer.

Install: installer is looking to do 2 coats of sealer

(not sure classic can have 2 coats of sealer need to confirm that the the new bona clear seal can?) 3 coats of traffic HD. For our own information how much time should be allotted between each sealer coat and finish coat.

Best cure time?

Thank you

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