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Window and Doors don't align - how to trim

last month

We specified an 8' patio door surrounded by 2 7' windows to capitalize on our view in the back. The tops of windows and door were to align at the top to create a single line visually. When it came to framing the builder screwed up and the opening for the door is only 92". He tells me my options are:

1. get a 7' door and leave the opening

2. get a 7' door and fill in the area with trim

3. get a 80" door and get a transom on top

Do any of you have pictures of what these solutions might look like? How have you solved this?Picture of how its currently framed out...but is apparently impossible. We have two sets of these in the back. Of note, I've decided that even though its fixable per the structural engineer, to not make him fix it since we've installed siding already and it will delay the project to correct it.

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