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Help== pix of your Grab Bars in Showers????

last month

So I have been looking for somewhat attactive grab bars for our shower remodel. I realize it's kind of an oxymoron but still.

So I ordered a few, and they sure are un pretty.

DH, who has stayed out of this entirely, looked at the grab bars and said he thought they were horrible and not what he would envision. ( not sure what he would envision but he thought it looked ttoo like a nursing home).

I am hoping to see if anyone has any that are in attractive settings, not institutional looking......I've searched, and mostly seen do honestly look very nursing home ish.

Since my hardware/fauicets etc are chrome, these are chrome. Our shower is to be 5 ft long and 3 feet wide.

At the entry , the vertical grab bar doesn't seem like such a honking big offensive one. Ihad ordered a 36 inch one(just really a bar) and he was saying it's so huge-so maybe I can put 2 smaller ones across the back or rethink.

Hoping you all can share some photos of grab bars in your beautiful showers .

Thank you

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