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Need Help with Kitchen Layout

last month

We are designing a new layout for our kitchen and are needing some input. We originally wanted an island, but would only be able to fit a square island and not rectangle, which we don’t like. There is no pantry space, so we were planning on squaring off the bottom right angled corner to add a semi walk-in corner pantry and closing off the walk thru space at bottom of pic. Also thinking of moving the kitchen sink into the alcove space. We’re thinking of keeping the oven range in same location, undecided where to put dishwasher (ideally want close to sink but not certain it’ll fit in alcove space), and perhaps the fridge where the former pass thru space was (bottom of pic). So ultimately we’re thinking to turn it into u shaped kitchen.

This is our first remodel ever, and I’m hoping some experienced folk can weigh in on some of these changes. Open to any and all constructive feedback and alternative ideas! Thank you!!

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