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Figuring out recessed lighting plan

last month

Hi, all. This will probably be some rather basic questions to many members, but I am trying to educate myself on recessed lighting. We are about to get underway with a new build and are about to start of the lighting plan, which calls for a bunch of recessed lighting. We are also exclusively using Lutron Casetta switches, which has some limitations on low-voltage lighting.

The builder is planning to use true cans, not the wafers that seem very popular in retrofits. But everywhere I look, the "true cans" seem very deep and the lights are very recessed into the can. Is there a way to get a more flush appearance while using real recessed cans? What should I be looking for to accomplish this?

We also have a number of 'cathedral' ceilings. The significant other hates gimbal cans, so what other options exist? I see there are some lights that are designed for sloped ceilings -- is that where I should be looking?

Appreciate any help you can provide.

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