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DVE5 Samsung dryer is garbage. What is a better option?

last month

We built a new house & moved in Feb. 2023. We bought new Smasung washer & dryer. For the first 4 months the washer didn't work. Under warranty, Samsung requires multiple repair visits to try to fix. It was clear that the control panel was broken in half during shipping & caused all the components to be flooded when the machine was turned on. Anyway, since the washer was broken, I never used the dryer. Now I have a replacement washer & the dryer keeps shutting down after 7 months of usage. Technically out of warranty after 1 year. The repair guy just left and it will be $402 to repair (maybe). I have had it with Samsung and will never get another product. I will probably replace the dryer. What is a better option?

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