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A Story of Rose Marie and Me

last month
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Who loves The D**k Van D*k* Show? I do. I watched it every day as a kid, after school. Reruns of it and I Love Lucy were always on in the ’70s.

Fast foward to the year 2024, on February 25, at around 9pm … and I’m on FB. I only have an anon account for Marketplace. No friends, don’t follow anyone, etc.

Since I don’t do anything on FB, I get a wide variety of things on my Feed. They know I’m in Texas, so I see lots of cool hiking pages and stuff.

Last night, this was on my Feed:

Sweet! I love Rose Marie! What a cool photo! Then I noticed something. Top left.

Is that … ?

Oh, wow, it is! I have that! On my breakfast room hutch:

Please excuse my leaning picture …

How cool is that? I have no recollection of where I found it, or when. Definitely over 30 yrs ago, I know that for sure. It’s been in at least three houses of mine.

What if it’s Rose Marie’s??!!

Kidding. There are probably lots of these. :D

Thanks for reading. I’ve never, ever seen that FB page before, so am glad they showed me that particular post. :)

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