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Can base cabinets be installed on top of concrete with shims?

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We recently had our kitchen remodeled. One of the comments I received from my friends, upon seeing the photo, was that there there isn't any board under the cabinet. (I was trying to get some advice on how to block this hole under the dishwasher.)

We live in a condo, and our floor is made of concrete. I do see some shims at the ends of the cabinets, but I don't see any plywood or any other type of board/underlayment.

Is it okay to have cabinets installed directly on top of concrete as long as they are on shims?

Neither the contractor nor the cabinet installer mentioned this matter throughout installation, so I am assuming it is okay?

Here is close look close to the wall once dishwasher is taken out.

We did have big pieces of wood boards materials which were never used throughout remodeling. I asked our contractor said they were for temporary countertop until real countertop is installed, but I am starting to think if these materials are meant to be placed under the cabinets?

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