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20 guage Kindred sink-- is it too thin???

last month

Hi everyone!
Hoping someone can provide some insight/advice/recommendations!!
We are doing a small kitchen renovation. We currently had a 18" single sink in our kitchen. We are getting quartz countertops and have chosen to buy an undermount sink this time.
We bought this one:
When the counter company came to measure they looked at the sink and said we should buy a different one for the following reasons:
1. The sink is 18 3/4" front to back (edge to edge) and he said that is not a good and it should be smaller than that, and
2. The 20 guage might bow in if we put heavy things in the sink since it is an undermount. He said with it being an undermount, it will not be strong enough. We did notice when we took it out of the box it seemed very bendable. We thought they might all be like that.
Should we really consider getting a new sink?
Our quartz will be 2cm. I chose this sink as well because it was one of the only ones I could find that is 8" deep instead of the common 9" or 10" ones on the market today. Our cabinet size is 36". I only want a sink with a 70/30 split something like 18" wide and 12 or 13" wide for the second one.
Any help would be great appreciated!!!

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