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GE Cafe vs GE Profile Refrigerators...Dark Grey Interior?

last month
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We are replacing a 13 year old Electrolux 'fridge with either a GE Profile PGE29BYTFS or a GE Cafe model CGE29DM5TS5 that's nearly the same. Standard depth either way, which narrowed my choices significantly. President's Day sales end on Tuesday so I'm down to it and need to pull the trigger. In the Cafe, the freezer has a flat shelf that I think is pretty cool, and the drawer is convertible to a light freezer. I like the handles on the Cafe a lot better than the ones on the Profile and I would make use of the flat drawer in the freezer, but the fully convertible drawer is not really that big of a draw since I have a standalone freezer elsewhere in the house. I'm not so thrilled with the Cafe's dark grey interior. I think it looks very dim and makes the back light panel glare, I'm kind of worried about the ability to see things clearly inside. I'm having a hard time justifying the approx. $900 expense for handles that I like better, especially since I'm not thrilled with the interior color and might find it annoying. Anyone have this refrigerator and can you comment on that? LOL, and if anyone could give me a good reason to spend that extra $900 on the nicer looking handles, it wouldn't be unappreciated, either. Anyone have either of these and can you comment on useability and reliability? Thank you!

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