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FYI: 20% off High Country Roses until 2/29

Jena Ithaca, NY 6a/6b
last month
last modified: last month

I'm a little shy about sharing this info, since everyone here is so much further along in their roselihoods than I am and probably know of this sale or have other options, but I thought I'd mention...

I didn't get a notification from HCR, but I happened to look at their FB page and noticed they're running a site-wide 20% sale through 2/29, code LEAP20.

Just got the following for $19 each:

Ebb Tide

Twilight Zone

Plum Perfect

Cardinal De Richelieu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Fred Loads

Pretty in Pink Eden

Queen of Elegance

Fun in the Sun

Earth Angel

(Heads up, if you try to purchase more than 10 roses the shipping jumps by $20 at the 11th rose)

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