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19th Century Curved Wall Prep for Mural

last month

We have a curved staircase in our c. 1870 house that we have not really used due its condition since we moved in (there are two other stairways in the house), and we're ready to tackle it now.

But we have questions! The concept is to remove the wallpaper, prep the plaster and then paint a mural. Much of the wallpaper is loose and comes right off (some of it is water damaged from a repaired roof issue before we moved in). There is thankfully only one layer of wallpaper!

Here are the questions:

1) How best to remove the wallpaper that doesn't peel off easily?

a) What wallpaper adhesive dissolver is your favorite?

b) Is something like the Zinsser Paper Tiger useful, or is it a gimmick and a box cutter is just as good?

3) How to prep the wall for painting?

a) Best filler to fill/repair cracks and divots?

b) Should we skim a new coat of plaster after filling/sanding? That sounds like a nightmare!

c) Should we seal with a PVA adhesive/sealer?

d) Someone who has done some amazing work in old homes suggested using Everbuild Stabilizing Solution? Has anyone used it?

Thanks in advance!

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