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Sunroom advice needed for windows and doors not yet bought.

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We have a 1929 house with mudroom we are converting to a sunroom by annexing an adjacent outdoor cubby hole. It's on the back of the house facing the patio. The old house has wooden windows with wooden grills and three will be in the sunroom itself. Perpendicular to the sunroom is the primary bedroom that faces the patio with a fiberglass double french door with miniblinds between the glass. On the other side of the sunroom is the laundry room with two vinyl windows with grids that face the backyard. The existing mudroom has a fiberglass double french door with no grids. I am finding it challenging to find windows for the sunroom with a coordinated door which will all be on one wall. I also don't know what to do, if anything, to the adjacent windows. For now, I am leaving the bedroom door since it's new and in good condition. I don't want wooden windows based on the sunroom location. Any advice on coordinating and/or matching a patio door to new windows, given what's on the adjacent walls, etc.? I can find windows or doors, but not both in the same line. Should we have grilles to continue the look of the old house, or go with picture windows to avoid coodinating? Any advice would bel helpful. Photos before we bought the house. We've since landscaped, hidden the electrical boxes, stained the pergola and concrete (new photo). The laundry room is to the right. The cubby hole is to the left. It's dark under the pergola so hard to photograph. Front of house for context; other than laundry room, and second floor, all windows are original wood.

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