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Our 100- year old bungalow has a 1950s screened-in porch. The wooden screen-door needed replacement, so after many attempts to find help with hanging a door with quotes ranging from $1500—including a cedar door—to $60 for hanging only). I settled on the $60 and I rush to Lowe’s and buy a door. I got a (I thought off-white) vinyl door 80x36. The guy hung it well, but neither the size but color work! What do I do now? The stark white stands out and there’s a big gap at the bottom! Do I paint the vinyl door to match the color of porch? (paint porch to match door?) Or paint the door in blue to match accent on windows? Add weather- stripping to cover the 2 inch gap at the bottom? Or start over with the $1500 guy and get a door that fits in a color thst matches? SOS

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