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There a way to keep the feeling of division between the areas?

last month

We will be renovating to make the kitchen more functional. At the moment there is 24” wide island
on castors separating the sink in the peninsula and the range on the wall that we must continually walk around. Without the island, the distance from sink to range is 91”. The L shape part of the kitchen wall is 130”x 96”(to the bookshelf) Opening is 36”.
We want to 1. remove the island 2. remove the peninsula 3. Put in a new island 8x4’ with sink and dishwasher leaving 48” between island and cabinetry.
My question is once the peninsula is gone, the wall makes no sense to be there but I do like the bit of separation it gives in our open concept house. ( the wall is not load bearing and can be removed)
Is there any way it would work to keep the wall?Any other floor plan ideas? Thanks

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