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Im reading a book. I came across these paragraphs and laughed out loud because of it sounded like it could have come from a thread here. Just so you know, the reference to Arthur’s shirt comes from when his white shirt got washed with darks, and Dotty is a baby.

“We go in and I slip my shoes off. She has this bright, airy hallway that you could fit my front room in. There’s framed art on the walls, which look like they’ve been freshly painted this morning. There’s just a hint of grey to them, and it makes me think again of Arthur’s shirt. If it happened now, I’d probably be doing him a favour. Everything’s grey these days. ‘Dotty’s having a nap,’ she says. ‘Come through.’ I follow her into an enormous room that’s part kitchen, part dining room and part living room. There’s a sofa at one end, and that’s where she leads me. It’s funny, years ago people would boast about how many rooms their house had and now it seems people like to have as few walls and doors as possible. How do you ever heat a space like this? ‘Does it get cold in here?’ I ask. ‘No. Underfloor heating.’”

Just struck me funny, everything grey and open concept, neither of which i like.

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