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Backsplash Opinions

last month

Finishing up our Kitchen remodel and trying to pick a backsplash. Much more difficult than expected and hoping I can get some opinions before we pull the trigger and order.

Here is our kitchen:

The countertop is Vicostone Misterio Avo which is a gray quartz. Cabinets are Benjamin Moore Advance in White.Floors are red oak natural finish. Walls are a light gray.

We have 2 tiles we're considering now - we each like or dislike one over the other for one reason or another - so we're cancelling each other out! So I'll keep this post as neutral as possible so I don't influence anyone!

Tile Shop Hampton Carrara in 2" x 8" subway

Adex USA, Habitat collection in "Leaf" color. 2.5" x 10" subway (shown below in color in square))

Hoping to get opinions on our current 2 choices - or anything else you think would better fit this space. We both agree that we don't want a busy mosaic, so we're looking at a subway style. We're not planning on going up to the ceiling - stop at the upper cabinet. Except our stove/hood area would go to the ceiling with a framed inlay (probably the same tile in herringbone).

I took these photos during the day (overcast sky) with all of the lights on in the kitchen. We found the lighting in our kitchen can greatly affect the color in all of the tiles we've brought home to view. They can look darker or a bit washed out. Not at all like the store florescent lighting (or the website images). Definitely adds a new layer to the challenge.

Thank you in advance for your comments!

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