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Is 44" clearance behind bathroom vanity enough to pass by?

last month

Working on a design for a full remodel upstairs including master bath & closet. I have a really interesting design that opens up the space in a lot of great ways for both the closet & bathroom overall -- but... there's only 44" of clearance behind the vanity for my husband's sink adjacent to the door to the bedroom. Always a compromise somewhere! :)

He's worried we're going to bumping into each other when he's standing at the sink, for me to get past him to everything else (including the toilet, shower, my sink, & the entire closet).

Some sites I've found have a 42" recommended minimum clearance, whereas others are 48"... does anyone have 44" of walking/standing clearance with a double vanity in a long bathroom, and could share a pic and/or their experience as a couple getting around? If I push him on this and it ends up driving him nuts, I'll have to live with his reminding me for the next 30+ years lol!

Thanks so much!

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