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Kitchen remodel help!

We are just starting the planning process for remodeling our almost 30 yr old kitchen. We have an experienced kitchen remodel contractor ( that’s all he does), but he’s not a KD! We are buying the cabinets through him, otherwise I would use the KD at the store where I would buy the cabinets. The kitchen has served us well, but needs updating, mostly paint, cabinets, countertops and appliances. We are not looking to blow up the kitchen and reinvent the room, as money is a concern but upgrade and improve the parts that don’t work well. The wall with the fridge is very functional, just needs cabinets, sink and possibly countertop if we can afford.
The peninsula is a disaster, functionally and aesthetically. The range will be replaced with induction cooktop, the wall oven/microwave shelf will be replaced by built in wall oven and separate built in convection/microwave in same area. A main reason for remodeling is that we need ventilation. After much investigation, we have concluded that a hood is just not possible over the peninsula. So, our plan is to put a downdraft unit in behind the cooktop. Our vision for the peninsula is to remove the “ window “ between the front and back and have one continuous countertop. There is a support post ( see diagram) that must remain and will integrate into countertop. The other support post will be hidden in the wall. The cabinets in the peninsula are not very functional and because of the awkward size, it leaves odd spaces ( see wine rack/dust collector!) to make work. The desk area needs to change to more storage with an area for some charging, etc We would like to keep the two stools on back side as they do get used. I know the distance between sink and peninsula is wider than a KD would recommend, but we’re not looking to bring that closer unless moving it a bit helps with the peninsula design.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice!

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