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Would you be happy with this repair to a cracked Cambria island?

last month
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Our Cambria 'Britannica Gold' island recently cracked (it was installed about 4 years ago and we spent nearly $18k on it ... around 225 sq ft of island, other counter tops and full back splash) - we woke up 1 morning about 2 weeks ago and there was a 9" crack by the sink. So we called Cambria and they gave the same old repetitive message in each call to schedule that it was not a manufacturing fault and they would not replace it, but that it was most likely heat etc. etc....this kitchen truly has not been abused at all. But as a courtesy (under the lifetime warranty!) they would send out a technician to take a look and repair the crack - "you will still be able to see it as the owner, but anyone visiting your house will not be able to see it" was what I was told . Was not super happy with the answer, as I am not sure what their warranty does cover but agreed to them coming out. Here are the before and after photos. Is this a reasonable repair? (I will say that the technician they sent out could not have been nicer and he really tried to make it look better).

To those people who will respond to this saying that they love their Cambria, we too loved our Cambria until it cracked and Cambria think that this repair is a reasonable solution to our issue. Thank you in advance for commenting.

This is a larger image as requested after the repair. Cambria has also concluded that it is not an installation issue.

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