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Amanda Beales' Roses

last month

Only recently discovered a couple of her babies when I learned of her untimely passing (she was no older than I am!!) and I am wondering if there will be any sources for her plants moving forward.

"Ivor's Rose" (Flamenco Rosita) and Clarence House appear to be very much under-rated and undersold. It would seem Beales' modesty kept them out of the limelight, but both appear quite spectacular.

Ivor's rose is a seedling of the famous Bonica rose, and yet this one is quite a deep cerise color (Bonica tends to yield washed out pinks or white babies) and is remarkably vigorous and floriferous and somewhat fragrant.

As a climber, the verdict on "Clarence House" is not yet out from me, but I have heard wonderful things. (I hope it can hold its own against a Kordes' Laguna I got on clearance.)

"Macmillan Nurse" has more of the colors one might expect from a seedling of Bonica, but she is highly fragrant with perfectly formed cupped English-style blooms on a very healthy and well-mannered shrub that English rose enthusiasts across the pond are loving. She might be a more mannerly English-style rose for southern gardeners. Not available in the States, it appears, But based on what I have read, this is a rose I wouldn't mind trying. (Macmillan's sister seedling, "Nelson's Pride" has a higher centered bloom that doesn't entice me, personally. )

"St. Ethelburga" while (ho hum) a "rose pink" rose, is also highly reviewed.

Anybody have experience with these roses?

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