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Please help me avoid silicone bleed on marble vanity top install

last month
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DH and I are reusing a marble vanity top and backsplash in our country house. I’ve read numerous posts from pros advising people to use 100% silicone when securing stone to sub top. I’ve also read it needs to be water based silicone, not oil based. However there must be 25 different 100% silicone products out there - which one do I use?

We’d like to get this right and not ruin our stone in the process. So, a few questions:

1. which specific product should we use for securing stone to sub top and backsplash to wall? (I’m assuming this product should be clear, correct?)

2. which product should we use to caulk between wall and edge of backsplash? (This one should be white, correct?)

3. Last, which product for sealing joint between counter and backsplash?

thanks in advance for your responses. Stone is prepped and ready to go.

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