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My new old kitchen is fixed!

last month

This kitchen always looked nice to me but I knew when I looked at the house it was functionally deficient. So today my contractor finished the project. I feel so fortunate I found this guy on NextDoor - he is fabulous. Everything I wanted to do is done other than I need to get a new fridge but had to do some research on how the new FD doors would open with adjacent pantry and by the time I figured that out I decided it was too late to be ordering a new fridge when I have guests arriving on Saturday. I read the reviews and some described problems upon installation so that made me decide to stick with what I have for now. It works in that the fridge keeps things cold and the freezer keeps things frozen.

So here's what I had done:

Switched out radiant electric cooktop for new Bosch induction

Replaced the dishwasher drawers with a new Bosch

Replaced three crummy Kohler faucets (including one in the laundry room) with new Moen Arbor faucets - my fave and what I now have in all three of my houses

Had pullouts added to lower cabinets

Had a lazy susan added to the useless lower corner cabinet

Had the trash pullout with a cabinet door converted to a proper one step trash pullout

Had the malfunctioning cabinet hinges and drawer glides replaced

Had the undercabinet lighting that was falling off properly secured

I added rubber bumpers to every cabinet door to stop the slamming sound

I continue to shake my head in disbelief at how the previous owners could stand to live with some of this stuff. I've met the Mr and he seems like a very nice man and they invested some $ in this house during the short time they lived here but I think they were more about appearance than function. When your house is getting to be 20 years old things wear out and need to be fixed. It's like they never fixed a thing and in some cases maybe rarely cleaned them; i.e. FL detergent drawer (used with liquid detergent) and dryer lint filter. I was afraid the house might go up in flames before I got the vent wizard out here to clean out the duct.

Anyway here are a couple photos. I liked the kitchen before but now I love it - amazing how much difference decent faucets and a trash pullout make.

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