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Help! I need serious paint direction from a professional.

Haley Johnson
last month

I need some guidance on picking a paint color for my foyer. This has been a struggle for me since switching out directional lighting to canned lights and switching over to LED's. My home is North facing, and I really only get light coming in from the front doors. It is cool Northern light, which creates a nasty tunnel like effect through the foyer for most of the day. I have tried high LRV paint colors to brighten the space, but this does not work. The LED lights totally wash out the paint and creates a blinding effect. The colors are not soft and soothing at night. I also made the mistake of choosing colors with violet undertones, which is totally the wrong choice for the orientation of my home. I want my home to feel soft and inviting, but I have no idea what to do. The current color is an attempt at a color match, because the color extends up the staircase and on the second floor and I didn't have the original paint. I don't mind this color upstairs, because we have a lot of natural light up there. I can perhaps cut in a new color at the staircase or totally start from scratch, but I was hoping that someone could at least throw out a few suggestions to get me started. My gut is telling me to go with a mid-tone neutral, but there are just too many options, and I have no idea how to get started.

Sorry, this is the only photo I have right now.

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