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Google Nest Learning Thermostat wiring with Goodman heat pump

Jason Barnette
last month

Hello all. I have a Goodman model GPH1330H21AD electric single stage heat pump with aux/emergency heat and hoping someone can help me with the wiring setup. I had a plain Honeywell thermostat and bought a Google nest learning thermostat. The fellow from our coop came and installed it, but I don’t think it’s installed correctly because the heat strips that used to come on during cold days no longer activate. Unfortunately, he didn’t take a pic of the previous wiring before he installed the Nest.

The reason I think it’s not right is that the Nest documentation says that if there are wires in W1 AND W2/Aux, that denotes a dual fuel unit, but my system is all electric, not dual fuel. Also, my understanding is that there is supposed to be a heat pump balance option in my Nest menu but that option does not appear, further indicating that my wiring is incorrect.

Below is a pic of my current Nest wiring. Does anyone have any insight about how to correctly wire the system? I called the coop and they insist that they did it right, but the aux/emergency heat never kicks on and the house never heats up past 68 degrees on cold days (set to 71).

Thank you for any help you can provide! I really appreciate it!

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