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I am trying to see how many people I can make buy coasters

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There are certain items that I always seem to run across in cute shops and think "eh I don't need that," but then when I want them I can't find anything that interesting. Trays are in that category, but so are coasters.

I have been looking for coasters for a few days now because our BR nightstands are some kind of lacquer and I am not sure if we should put a water glass on it. I have had a lot of fun looking at letterpress (I love letterpress anything) but they seem to me to be sort of single use?

So cute but not for here at all:

And you audio buffs:

So now I am looking at these options (yes, @jojoco I cannot walk.away from the tortoise).

These are cool but it pains me a bit that 70s is vintage and do they really read "tortoise"?

I like these with a single initial but I think square is wrong for a coaster, esp on an oval table?

These are fun but do they really "work"?

The safest bet, from NM:

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