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Stones for Custom Jewelry -- seeking opinions

last month

I have been leaning into more rustic artisan jewelry lately as my lifestyle has become more relaxed and casual. I have been working with a favorite designer to customize a necklace for my sister ... and also stumbled into a custom piece for myself. I want to get your opinions as I am currently "stuck". Too many decisions at work... too many decisions for my sister's necklace. I can't seem to decide on my own piece.

So it all started with this ring-- it was part of a collection and it sold within 5 min-- before I was able to purchase it. It is a fairly large ring and is called "True North". The name has meaning to me and I love the size and the moonstone. She looked for a similar moonstone at the gem show earlier this month but she didnt find anything that I loved as much.

But ... much as I didn't love the moonstones (or labradorite she also offered), I do really love the boulder agates. They make for a completely different look I love the stones and the coloring works well for me ... and there is also a boulder agate in my, now, semi-new necklace (top stone below).

So.. these are the stones I can choose from. Much as I wanted a True North style ring, I just don't think the stones work for it. The question is... what will they work for?? I like the idea of a large ring (think jeans, turtleneck and boots ... or long-line sweater, jeans and pointy-toed boots. Not "western" per se ... but a casual denim kind of outfit). I also like the idea of a pendant. See? I can't decide.

My favorites are circled (the aquamarine is not for me. It is one of two that will be in my sister's necklace-- shared for size comparison)

What are they telling you they want to be??? Ring or pendant?

Do you have a favorite of the three I selected?

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