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Shower tile--stone ID and care?

last month

We inherited this tiled shower in the home we bought about 2.5 years ago and have lived in 1.5 years. We've realized it isn't holding up well, especially where exposed to soap products, but also there's a lot of variation overall.
1) Can you tell what stone this is? Limestone? That's not a great choice for shower, right?
2) Can we just get it restored & sealed? Or is this such a bad pick for this use that we really should replace? We don't love it, but think it's wasteful to tear out something reasonably serviceable, especially a natural stone that's supposed to last a long time. I've been reading about how to DIY seal a shower, but it seems like there's already enough damage that we might need a pro.
The previous owner supposedly was a tile installation professional, so we've been surprised to realize that the tile choices throughout the house seem less than ideal!
NB: Yes, in the photos you'll see various bath & body products. Realistically, with 5 people using this shower regularly, there are never NOT going to be. Especially with a handy ledge. What's the point of a ledge for bath products if the stone can't actually handle having them there? Also this bathroom is already storage-challenged.

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