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replacement entry door questions

last month

Our 60’s ranch fixer upper has double 24” entry doors. The opening from brick to brick (rough opening?) is 52” with the door opening 48”. Is converting to a single door an option? For various reasons, we’d like to put in a 40” or perhaps 42” single door, no sidelights. Assuming the opening can be framed in to accommodate that, how would the framing margin from brick edge to door frame be covered up on the exterior?
So far, we’ve only inquired with local ProVia dealers.
The first rep came out and only had positive things to say about what we wanted. He took his time, described how the work would be done, and we were optimistic about proceeding. Unfortunately, he never sent quote and didn’t respond to our follow-up txt and phone call.
The second installer came out and said he’d never heard of anything except a 36” entry door for residential. He suggested a standard door with one sidelight and then quoted us a steel door even though we specified fiberglass.
The third installer, who works with a remodeling company, also balked at a larger door and wants to quote a 36” door with 12” sidelight.
We have never purchased replacement doors and, despite having consulted with 3 different companies, are still uncertain if what we envision is even doable. A standard door with one sidelight really is not what we want but if it is the right solution, it would still be a huge improvement.
Thank you in advance for any feedback that might shed some light on this phase of renovation.

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