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kitchen peninsula/island and building a wall

Bryant Lai
last month

Hi guys,

We just bought the first house, it is an old small house so definitely needs a lot of work. We don’t have a lot of knowledge about designs and renovations so please pardon me if some of the ideas can be dumb or doesn’t make sense.
The kitchen right now is in the music room area (picture 4) where is a wall (in red color, not sure if it is load-bearing yet) next to the entrance hallway. We plan to remove this wall if possible to open up the entrance space and put my grand piano there for teaching (picture 3). We also plan to move the kitchen to the other end of the room, where there is window, patio sliding door and more light/space (picture 1).
The corner wall is 3’1” so we think would be perfect for a 3’ counter, which the wall will help cover half of the L shaped kitchen. We also would like to add a peninsula or an island to the kitchen. My question is: in our current drawing, the peninsula is around 6ft away from the counter, which I’ve read somewhere that it might be a little too big/far. Should we move the peninsula up (like the yellow drawing) and risk losing some counter space, or have an island (if yes, where, and how big can it be), or keep it the way it is in the current drawings?
Question no 2 is the wall between the dining area and living room is a load-bearing wall (picture 1), which we plan to open up a little bit to fit a French double doors or sliding glass door. How expensive it is to do that?
I am also thinking about removing the wall next to the entrance hallway (red in picture 3) and build a wall and put a French door as well between dining table and music room area to prevent the smell from cooking to travel around the house and also to separate the piano area from the dining/kitchen area since I plan to have my own piano studio at home as well (picture 1-2). Does that make sense with the measurements, or the space is too small and I should just leave it as it is and no wall between dining area and music area?

Thank you all in advance

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