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Best selection- small chandelier

Susan W
last month

Where do y’all find the best selection of light fixtures? I’m striking out.

I’ve tried the usual suspects online (Amazon, Wayfair,, and made trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Can’t seem to find what I want, which is this:

A small to mid-size black chandelier to hang in my bathroom. (Not over a tub, but in the middle of the room.)

I can picture what I want in my head but can’t seem to find anything that fits the bill.

I’m not really worried about a particular style - the room is pretty eclectic. I’m going for a look: when you enter the room it will hang right at the end of a short hallway (part of the room itself, closets on both sides) and it will be in front of my lovely free-standing tub. It’s the attention getter in my black and white bathroom and I’m thinking I want some bling. But I really am quite open.

Anyone have any suggestions on where I might look? Many thanks.

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