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How would you set up this loft apartment?

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I finally have some time and found a contractor to start on the updates for my guest loft. I will live here for the foreseeable future and then it may become a rental unit. It is an open plan space above a garage. Approximately 28’ x 28’ not counting the bath and kitchen. The planned updates will be the bathroom, the kitchen cabinets and build out the fireplace surround. Because of the sloped ceilings and window placement I don’t have much wall space which is why I currently have things at a 45 degree angle in the corners. This is to show how it looks now and shows how the ceiling dips down in all 4 corners. I am not a huge fan of putting anything at a 45 degree angle so am open to changing.

This is a basic layout as it stands. Bed by bathroom, and I was planning on building out around the wood stove and move TV to other corner.

I was debating moving the tv to the only big wall between the 2 front windows, which means I don’t have room for the dining table there. So I can move it to the corner where bed is now and do a built in banquette. So that means bed moves to corner where wood stove is now, which leaves the wood stove in front corner. I’ll have to move the gas line for the wood stove but that is not too expensive. Is it weird to have the dining area right next to the bathroom? I occasionally have some work friends in for dinner but not constantly.

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