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Help! Feedback on our kitchen reno.

last month

Hello everyone! My partner and I are embarking on our first kitchen renovation and would greatly appreciate your feedback and insights on the design from our cabinet designer to ensure it's both functional and has an efficient flow. Previously, this was a narrow galley kitchen.

We plan to have countersplash with counter shelving at the top (inspo picture attached). We gravitate towards minimalism and airy kitchens, but want to ensure we have enough storage. We plan to put cups, plates, pots, etc. into drawers.

My immediate concern areas from this design mock:

  • Stove Uppers: I feel like we don't need uppers around the stove as we'll have the countersplash shelving. There will also be an exhaust, which is not in the mock. Is it a mistake to remove these cabinets?
  • Ceiling Height Cabinets: The cabinets all the way along the ceiling feel inaccessible. I'm thinking we could either remove them entirely and add upper trim in their place, or change these to a single custom tall cabinet door encompassing the whole upper (vs. separated into two separate doors like it is currently). Thoughts?
  • Pantry: The pantry cabinets, found to the right of the design, feel too wide and sacrifice counter space on the window wall. Is it a mistake to reduce its width and push it flush long the right wall? This would give more counter space to the right of the window, but it would remove the symmetry around it.
  • Island: We designed the island to have "wrap around" / communal-like seating. Would it be better to have three seats in a row instead? Thoughts on this design?

What are we missing? If you have any suggestions, tips, or ideas based on your own experiences or expertise, I'd be thrilled to hear them. Thank you in advance for your valuable input!


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